Off Center by Large Brush Collection


12” classic black 180g vinyl.

Order Large Brush Collection's debut LP Off Center. The album will ship in January 2024. Off Center was recorded at Dandy Sounds studio on 18 acres of ashe juniper-spotted, Texas Hill Country land. Off Center was engineered and mixed by Dan Duszynski (Loma, Why Bonnie, Good Looks, Molly Burch). The album was recorded with additional contributions from Ry Black (Redbud).

Also available for purchase while supplies last at:

BLK Vinyl (Austin, TX)

Breakaway Records (Austin, TX)

Waterloo Records (Austin, TX)

Love Wheel Records (Austin, TX)

Amoeba Records (Berkeley, CA)


to be somebody


arm's length

better be

tell me again

push, another day

stand tall

it's only a matter of time

up in the air

forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves